Updates !

Hey guys, sorry for not updating in a while.  Nothing worth writing about really has been happening in my life, unfortunately.  But I have been really getting into fashion.  I feel like I'm super close to getting the bold make up look I've always wanted so now I'm focusing on one of my biggest obstacles: Fashion.  It's not that I don't know how to dress myself it's just difficult right now getting the actual pieces I want instead of bland everyday stuff.  My pocketbook just isn't big for the clothing I actually want :(.  But I'm trying my best to work around that.  I even made a video on some shirts I just got, watch it if you have the chance! :)  Just click HERE I would just post it here but blogger is being stupid.  -_-

Also I finally updated my banner it's nothing special but I really like it.

And I'm back on the redhead bandwagon, I bought some burgundy extensions for a really good deal.  They're from the Janet Collection weave line and are 16 inches.  I'm pretty scared and excited about getting them sewn in because my entire head is going to be a completely different color!!  The picture below does not give the color any justice (my cell phone sucks!!!!!), I PROMISE the color is more bright red than burgundy.  Expect lots of pictures when I get my hair done.  

Guess what, I finally built up the balls to email that Gal circle, :) :) :) of course they have yet to email me back but that's totally fine with me LOL!  Another thing is I've been thinking of joining a dance studio, I haven't danced since last year when on I was on my college's dance team.  But I'm always on Youtube watching dance covers or dance tutorials and I just want to move again!  Sometimes I wish I could be an entertainer as a job.  Like in a girl group or acting.  But who doesn't want to do that nowadays. I remember being in a neighborhood girl group when I was a little kid, LOL we thought we were so cool.  Many people choose to become entertainers because they want to be 'famous' but I seriously don't (it actually terrifies me) I just want to perform.  That's it.  There's a Japanese Drama show called Glass Mask and the main character in that drama totally captures how I feel about entertaining.  You guys should watch it, it's super old...and cheesy but it's soooooooooo good.  Look for it online, you'll find it. :D

Thanks for reading!! :D  


  1. OOhh- a drama rec? I'M O IT. C:< My sis'll hafta' download that for me or something-- she's the one who knows where to find all of 'em. <3

    Anyway, glad to hear you're really making waves in our personal fashion!

    Fingers crossed for that galsa to get back to you! :DD

  2. Can`t wait to see your new hair! *_*

  3. @Noxin Thanks!!!

    @Dudu Thank you, I will post pictures! :D