MEH...cell phone, wig, and MINNESOTA GALCIRS !!

So I got my Hello Kitty cell phone, it's PERFECTION but my only problem is that it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small.  Like so small it feels weird on my ear but everything else is just perfect.  So I'm thinking of either selling it or just getting my money back because I just can't handle having such a tiny phone, I think I'm most terrified of loosing it because I lose everything so easily.  I'm disappointed because it's so cute and I just can't put it down.  If you guys want to watch my little unboxing video here it is.  :) 

I also ordered my first wig and OMG it's amazing looking...well that's how it looks on a bunch of youtube videos anyways.  It's synthetic, it has no bangs, and it's a lace front.  I'm nervous and excited; this is my first wig and it wasn't cheap at all.  I was going to get a cheaper more tame wig but I was thinking why not start with something super amazing!  And If I like how wearing wigs feel I think I'm going to buy more and wear them more often.  I'M EXCITED!!!! XD  Also lastly remember the Gal circle I tired to contact I really think they're inactive now which makes me super sad.  I would love to be apart of a Gal circle just to get that extra boost when it comes to my style.  I would create my own but in my opinion in order to be a leader of a gal circle you must be a person whose fully immersed in the style.  Which at the moment I'm not.  I'm definitely not fit to be any leader of anything at the moment lol, but I do wish I just knew people personally who are into the style.  That would be amazing! <3

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. That wig is going to be so cute on you!
    and don't worry wearing wigs aren't that
    bad.they can just make your head hot while
    wearing them in summer. ^_^ the hello kitty
    phone is adorable too! :)

  2. Lovely wig! It`s super sexy and will suit you well I think! I also like that you decided to order a good quality wig - I always take the cheapest one and ummh... of course regret it later. Can`t wait to see how it looks on you :)