Short Update !!

I feel a lot better than how I was feeling last post, like A LOT better, I really do think I can be overly pessimistic.  My friends and family tell me I'm over dramatic which I know I am but in my life it's hard not to be.  I finally decided to wear my Diamond Lashes, what do you guys think?  I really love them a lot.  My make in these pictures isn't the best I was sort of in a rush so it's not as precise as I normally do.  All I need is some bottom lashes and nose contouring and I should be in good shape. :)  For once it didn't take me a million years to apply them it was so easy, I think I'm getting pretty good at this.  I also finally finally FINALLY ordered a new cell phone, the current cell phone I have is the same phone I've had since junior year of high school let me remind you I'm going to be 20 soon so this phone is ancient and has been through a lot.  This new cell phone I'm getting isn't a smart phone it's just a simple phone I fallen in love with because of it's exterior LOL!

Herp Derp. 

I promise I've read reviews and seen videos of this phone and it's sooooooooooo cute it's exactly what I want.  I love being different and this phone is definitely different and out there.  My sister said it looks like a toy which I don't mind but I have too see it in person.  I can't wait too get it!!!!!  I will do a youtube video on it once I do get it so more hello kitty fans can know how this phone is.  I'm so nervous and excited to get this phone, :) :) :).

Another thing is today I went out and got a few things for my hair to help me prep for these clip in extensions I totally think I'm failing at making.  I'm really trying hard not to buy some clip in extensions but these bitches are so annoying.  From the picture you can sort of tell what a horrible job I'm doing, the thread is everywhere LOL and it's driving me crazy that's why I only get weave sewn into my head it's so much easier!!  I also bought some straightening irons which I hate cause they're purple but my friend talked me into getting them, and some really good shampoo and conditioner.  My hair totally needs it right now.

That's pretty much it, thanks for reading!! :)


  1. Hmmm you don't have to sew on your clips to your hair hun. You can just keep your clips in a bag and every day just literally clip them to your hair. They will stay in all day trust me. I do it every single day. Saves time and when you switch to new hair you don't have to worry about trying to get the clips off the other hair xD.
    And lol the phone is cute but doesn't it lack pretty much everything a smart phone has..?

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    1. I know that's what I meant :) I was having a hard time sewing the clips on the weave but I finally have them done! XD

      And to tell you the truth I don't even have a smartphone now I'm not really missing anything as long as I can text, go on facebook, and take pictures I'm pretty good. :)

  3. you're looking cute ^ ^
    the eyelashes really look good on you!!

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