Update :)

Lately a lot of things has been going so wrong.  Like my computer broke, my mp3 is definitely dying, I still have yet to order my dream phone and I seriously think my job is going to fire me eventually.  I hate only looking at the negative aspects of my life but it's hard not too, I'm somewhat pessimistic.  If my job does fire me to tell you the truth I won't be too upset, the demands they've started to enforce on us has become so ridiculous I just don't even care.  I just want a job where I'll be able to get tips.  At first I thought it was impossible to find any jobs as a waitress until I found the wonderful website that is Craiglist.  There's literally tons of hostess and waitress jobs so now the only thing to do is to start applying.  Also I've enrolled into a community college finally!  And at first I didn't think they had any foreign languages that interested me but too my shock they have Japanese!  I took Japanese my freshman year in high school so I know the basics but I truly want to learn so much more so it was really a nice surprise to see that. 

Also I've finally got my clips to make my clip in hair extensions and OMG it's so fricking annoying and much more work than I expected.  The thread is annoying, the needle is too big, and the hair is so sticky.  It's intense work but I think I'm going to be happy with the results I will definitely post pictures once I'm finally done.  Lastly my book is coming along quicker than I expected, I'm almost halfway done with the outline, I got most of character's biographies done, and I even have an artist in mind who will design my book cover.  Even though this will be an ebook it still needs a cover. :)  I'm super excited for this book it's become like my baby and I want too get it done before school starts which will be the summer for me.  I won't share the plot just yet but you guys will definitely get more updates as the time comes. 

Thanks for reading! :) 

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