Updaters !!!

Hey guys :)

Super sorry for such a late blog post, I've just been super busy with work to blog but here I am now!  I finally made my clip in extensions, what do you guys think?  I've only worn them once cause my hair is so thick right now it's not really blending well and I don't want to put a lot of heat on my hair.  But I think it looks good and the extensions are super thick, I'm proud of my little DIY project. :)  Anyways I'm super fed up with my job at the department store so I'm now super seriously looking for a new job.   Mostly waitress jobs but to tell you the truth anything is better than the place I'm at now.  A lot of the other people I work with feel the same way, they treat us like we're being paid a large sum of cash when it's not that much at all.  They're expecting unrealistic things and I just can't handle the stress especially since I'm starting school soon.  Being a waitress I'll make tips :) I know how to give amazing customer service, seriously I do!  And not to sound conceited but I think I'm cute and if I work at a more male oriented place it'll probably be easy for to get tips.  

I remember I contoured my nose big time and was wearing my heavy gal make, OMG I got so many stares from guys, girls, old guys.  I wonder how people will react when I go back to school with gal make because I will be wearing my lashes as well.  I'm nervous about starting school again, it's been a year and during last year everything that could go wrong went wrong.  This time I'm definitely not running away from my problems.  I'm going to face them head on and just hope for the best.  Another thing is my Hello Kitty cell phone is taking forever to get here but I have a feeling it'll be here tomorrow, I'm soooooooooooo excited.  I don't care if it's not fancy I have a feeling I would have regretted not getting this phone.  It's probably not a big thing but it feels nice being unique and not getting the same type of phones everyone else has.  It just like with Gal Fashion I'd rather be unique than a clone.  The funny thing is I actually saw a picture of another Gaijin Gyaru who also had a similar Hello Kitty phone.  One day I'll probably give in a purchase a smart phone but not today!

And have you guys heard of okcupid.com OMG that thing is so dumb addicting.  I've met this guy on there and he's interesting, cute, my age, and lives in my area.  I've been getting all these messages from all these types of guys it's so fun replying to the messages.  I don't care if it's only online you just have to be smart with who you choose.  I even talked on the phone with one of the guys and he sounded so normal, I was expecting like a timid high pitched voice, he texts me so much and we're not even dating.

So that's pretty much my update, super boring I realize this LOL!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Ah-- I signed up for OK!Cupid, too! It IS tons of fun. xD

    And those extensions look great-- the texture's actually fairly close to your hair, even as is.

    Excited for the cell phone to get there!!

    Guh-- I can't imagine how nervous you are to start school again. @_@ Jump back on that horse, girl~.

  2. @Noxin Love okcupid LOL, i made sure the extensions were super close to my texture, and yep I'm soooooo nervous but excited about school :D