So I downloaded the scans for Egg Magazine April edition and I really really REALLY loved it alot!!!  

Maybe it's because summer is coming up but a lot of the models looked more tan than usual which was great too see because lately a lot of the models are stating too look...normal.  And less BE WILD AND GET SEXY!   Also can someone please tell me the name of the Egg model below (the one with the short pinky hair), I think I've fallen in love with her!!

She's the whole Gyaru package (if there is a such thing) from her tan, too her nails, and her hair!  I feel like I know her name I just got put my finger on it!!  She's also obviously into DIA or maybe a shop staff??  I love her and I really hope she has a blog!!  And isn't Egg a magazine for high school girls???  So what's with the whole cartoon sex tip story looking thing!!

 I can't understand what they're saying but I'm not complaining about it I just think it's pretty funny too look at!!  Lastly I'm loving these coordinates!!  It's giving me inspiration for my summer wardrobe!  They don't down look too hard too pull off...well except for what ever Gehako is wearing! :)  

Thanks guys for reading!! :)


  1. Hi girl! The girl with pink hair, her name is Yun.

  2. Just the other day i downloaded this egg magazine, to get help with making outfits, i was surprized about the cartoons too. :)

  3. I got the magazine and was really shocked about that section...it made me kinda mad..i didnt wanna read about sex..i wanted to see gyaru coords..T^T

    Now i have to hide it from my mom..

  4. Yun..I think I saw her on tumblr some days ago :3
    I love the coords *-*
    Anyway, ★★Lucky you~ You've been tagged! Go to http://chocomisa.blogspot.de/2012_04_12_archive.html for further details~★★ It's smth you can do if you're bored♥^^''

  5. Thanks for those pictures, inspiration!! :)

    I gave you the versatile blogger award if you`re interested, you can find it in my blog :)