I have no idea what's been going on with my skin lately but it has not been good AT ALL!

Sorry for the lack of posts my life as usual is complete fun-free so you guys definitely aren't missing anything.  On too the horrible things my skin is putting me through firstly on my upper eyelid there's this extremely noticeable lump.  At first it was small so I ignored it but it's gotten big and I did some research and at first I thought it was a Stye which I had once years ago but it's actually a Chalazion.  A non cancerous growth that isn't harmful it's just annoying and ugly.  It can last from a few weeks to a year which I'm absolutely dreading and it's best not too wear make up when you have it so I'm not going to wear much make up if any until this stupid thing at least gets smaller.  Which sucks because I just bought some new make up I really want to try out :/  And if it doesn't go away you can just go to your doctor and either get eye drops, a shot, or surgery.  I really hope I won't need to resort too that...  I hate it so much and it couldn't have come at the worst time.

Now for my other traumatic skin problem I'm having.  So I never never NEVER drink water which I realize is totally bad and unhealthy.  I've even been too the doctor because of this but I guess I didn't learn my lesson.  Anyways I've noticed these lines under my eyes and a really defined smile line around my mouth and at first I thought I was aging prematurely.  I thought that was strange because premature aging is  normally genetic and my mom and dad have zero wrinkles and look AMAZING.  Especially my mom.  So I thought it was strange until I did my little research and I learnt I have dehydrated skin.  It results when you don't drink enough water and it can create fine lines and wrinkles but these can easily go away with drinking more water (obviously) and keeping the skin moisturized.

So now I'm completely cutting soda from my life and only drinking water, I've done this before and at first I know it's going to be hard but it's what I got to do not only to look pretty or whatever but for my health.  It's really stressful dealing with all these things at once.  Also remember how I was trying to go to school in the summer well that's not happening until the fall because my finanical aid only qualifies for the fall....MEH!!!!!!!  But I'm not that mad my sister put into my head that I should go to bartending school and learn to bartend so I can get a better paying job.  But I don't know I'm still thinking about it... I really just want to be a flight attendant but I don't think I'm quite ready for that...yet.  Now here's some pics of me before my skin problems.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw, bb. Sorry your skin's rebelling or whatevs. <33 Hope that eye thing goes away sooner rather than later. ; _ ; (Get the eyedropsssss~. They sound like the least invasive option of the three.)

    And yay! I AM sorry that you have all this stuff piling up on you, but I have to say that I'm glad you'll be getting healthier in some facet. (Cutting out soda/getting more water.)

  2. @Noxin Thank you!! My eyeball is so much better now lol :) !