Dieting again...

I really hate trying to loose weight -_- I wish I was a really skinny girl trying to gain weight I bet that would be so much easier :]  I feel like not exercising like I should have and not eating the best foods really put me back in this situation.  Anyways here's some things I have too put me back on track. 

I'm not the hugest fan of diet pills but I do think the NV pill may work for me because I've read a good number of reviews and they seem to be positive.  The only downfall is that the pill is huge T.T.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do the Slimquick drink though because I'm pretty sure it has caffeine and I'm quitting caffeine until I can learn to not drink so much at a time.  The other two things is just vitamins which I really REALLY need.

And I'm forcing myself to join a gym even though I hate exercising I know working out will give me the results I want.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I'm 5'7" and usually 124lbs. I'm trying to get back to 130 and it is so darn hard. I can loose it easy but gaining is nearly impossible but good luck with your weight loss!