Boring update is BORING -___-

My posts seem to become less and less and I'm sorry about that guys my life is just at a weird place right now.  I still don't have a job and I've been looking for one like a crazy person; it'so hard out here.  But I have a feeling I'm going to get it soon I just can't stop looking.  All I need from this job is to make enough money to go to bar-tending school, bartenders can make a lot of money.  Other than that I haven't been doing much except trying to get read for school.  I also found the perfect backpack, I plan to buy it as soon as I start working again.  I still can't believe a bag as perfect as this exists, I cannot wait to get it!  They have it in black, red, and a blue/pink mix.

Another thing is I've become extremely serious about losing weight even though I'm not exactly reflecting that in my actions.  I'm still eating somewhat horribly but I'm trying to wait until I can get my hands on a gym membership.  Once I get that I'm going to definitely change my eating habits.  I told my mom I'm going to live in the gym and I'm completely serious.  I'm also trying to save up to get surgery done next year and I want to be healthy when I get them done.  I'll explain further in depth about the surgeries in another post.

I haven't really been doing anything Gyaru related these past few weeks, out here it's been a million degrees and I just don't want my false eyelashes to melt off.  I've also been feeling too self conscious to dress Kuro-gal and I really want to slap myself for it.  Though I have been working on improving my hair and I think I've been doing pretty good.  Another Gyaru thing I've been looking at is the new gaijin Gyaru magazine GAL VIP I'm super interested in seeing how this will turn out I really hope it's a success I think it's a great idea.  At the same time it's a lot of work running a magazine and I hope everyone involved doesn't get to overwhelmed.  Lastly is it just me or is all the bloggers I follow going on trips to Japan, I'm soooooooooooooooooooo jealous I wish I knew how they could afford such awesome trips.  I would do anything to go Japan for a long period of time.  ONE OF THESE DAYS I AM!!  Before I turn 25 it's my goal to go to Japan for at least three months.  I just have to work hard and save money.  

Thanks for reading! :)

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