Sorry !!

Sorry I haven't updated in forever I really just don't have much to update about.  My life is pretty bland as ever.  I would do more coordinate posts but I haven't worn anything lately that's kuro-gal and it's been so hot here.  Every day for the past week and a halve there's been a heat advisory and the temperature has gone up to 100 degrees.  Who seriously wants to wear make up and false eyelashes in such hot weather??  And I created a Japanese crooz blog, and I really love it!!  http://blog.crooz.jp/BarbieEyes109  It's a lot easier than ameba and I always get comments on my posts.  My diet is going terribly to be honest, I feel like I'm eating ok but I'm just not exercising which I know I need to be doing.  But I really want a gym membership I just don't have the money for it T.T.  Lastly I did the Gyaru Tag, so if you guys want to watch it here it is!  I feel like I've improved my make and hair so much! :)  Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading! :)

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