Fall Wishlist!

Here's some things I want to get and do for fall, I know it's still the summer but fall is coming petty soon! :)

I also just found this picture of this couple on Tumblr and this girl has the look I seriously want!  Pink hair and all I love her whole look! :}

1. Flower Head Band/This is so cute and I love the spikes when I buy this I'm going to seriously wear this everyday.

2. I don't want Nicki Minaj lol but I do want to create a colorful wig somewhat like her tye dye wig below except mine will mainly have pink, red, and possibly blue in it; no blonde.  

3. This is actually a Zazzle hat I created but I do want a hat somewhat similar to this :)

4. I'm in serious need of extensions, super desperately, but I want to get 'virgin' hair; that's basically a higher quality type of extension then I plan on dying them a baby pink.

5. This is the dye I plan to use whenever I get my extensions.

6. A new phone T.T

7. This case is almost $200 but I still really want it, my sister has ordered one from the same company and it's beautiful!
8. I need every color!

9. Just a blonde wig.

10. I have a wing obsession so I really must have these shoes.

11. I don't want the clothes below but I do want more animal print clothes in general, at the moment I do have a lot of animal print but I want a closest FULL of animal print.  Especially since I'm going to be doing more coordinate posts soon.

12. Lastly just some bottom lashes. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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