Okay, so I have some big news...



I'm so happy and blessed to finally find a job, and my first day is tomorrow.  I'll be working in the food industry so I won't be able to paint or wear fake nails, but you know what I don't care!  I'm just happy to have a job again.  It's been almost three months, I'm just ready to start working again and get the hell out of my mom's house.  I'll be back on my Gyaru game as well, I kid you not, I only had a few more weeks before my eyeliner, lashes, and mascara dried up.  My diamond lashes looks so worn out and covered with glue it's ridiculous.  But now that I have this new job so i'll be able to afford my Gyaru lifestyle again <3 and this time I PROMISE more coordinate posts!  Even though I will be saving my money I do have a long list of things I want to buy, the biggest thing I want is a totally new wardrobe.  Like new shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, everything that would correspond to Kuronba Gyaru.  I want to become a better and more known Gyaru if that makes any sense, and I know doing coordinate posts draws people to blogs.  I promise more of those.  I'm also planning on getting a second job but I guess I should get use to this one first.

Another big thing happening to me is I'm moving in with my sister!  If you guys have been keeping up with my family drama, you know that things just aren't going well with me living with my mom so I'm leaving.  My sister lives in this huge apartment building in the middle of a downtown area and it's really cute, I'm nervous about living with her but something is telling me I need to leave.  I need to move on with my life.  Also in her apartment building there's a gym area which is totally free!!  Which means I should have no more excuses on why I'm not losing any weight.  I plan to utilize that gym as much as I can, I hate feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin.  I told myself more positive things will come and they did, maybe that's the secret to being happy  -> thinking positively.  <3

Lastly I'm thinking of changing my online nickname, not the BarbieEyes just the Lain part.  BarbieEyes is a nickname someone from my old church gave me because he thought I had big eyes. :) Lain is a name I made up myself because my real name is Lanelle, the first fours letters equals Lane and I use to love the anime Serial Experiments Lain so that's how I came up with it.  But now I'm thinking of changing the Lain to something else.  I feel like I've grown out of the whole LainBE thing and now I want a new online nickname.

Thank you guys for allowing me to
 reach 101 members you guys are awesome! ^^


  1. Congratz on the job!! =D I know how it is not being able to buy what you want and being "poor" LOL, I've been looking for a job forever myself >__< Cant wait to see your new outfits and blog posts!