I feel terrible & Gyaru Meme!

It's 5:00 am right now and I just cannot sleep, I literally feel terrible. 

 It feels like my heart is about to pop out of my chest and my head feels woozy.  I know why I'm feeling like this, lately my eating habits have been terrible.  Extremely terrible.  I've barely been eating and when I do it's just a bag of chips and mountain dew. Obviously my diet is going terribly, I haven't gained weight I've actually lost some weight but not as fast as I would like too and I know it's because I'm being unhealthy.  I always go to the plasma clinic to donate plasma and the last four times I went they wouldn't let me donate because my heart beat was too fast.  I haven't been exercising or eating right and I desperately need to change that because it's seriously starting to effect my health.  On another note there's a chance that I might be moving which I'm scared and excited about.  The place i'd be moving too is far better than the place I live now, it would be with my older sister.  I don't mind living with her I'm worried though that our different interests might clash.  But I guess that happens no matter what roommate you have, I just want to get out of the current situation i'm in.

Anyways I did the gyaru meme and instead of doing it in my blog I decided to just make a video about it.  I might still do a blog version because I feel like my video was a bit rushed, my batteries were dying.  But enjoy the video! :)

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