To be honest I feel like I've pretty much conquered my ideal Gyaru make up look, of course there's always room for improvement but now I'm pinning my next goal on my wardrobe.  Right now my fashion sense is so-so, when I do dress up it always feels like I could do way better.  My coordinates feel so pedestrian if that makes any sense, it feels like I blend in with the crowd.  Unless i'm in Japan I don't think that's a good thing.  Another reason I think I don't dress so well is because I'm so damn insecure of my body which I'm working on.  I don't have extremely low self esteem it's literally just the fact that i'm uncomfortable in my body, I just want to be comfortable.  I've promised myself I will lose weight, and I am!  Now that I have this new job I'm hoping I'll be able to afford a whole new wardrobe.  I literally need everything from jeans to dresses; I have nothing.  I'm moving in with my sister whose very fashion forward, her style really reminds me of B-Gyaru so I think living with her will give me that push to be fashionable as well.  I promise to show all of my buys once I do start purchasing my items, I already have a bunch of items on Ebay i've been hoping to get.  You guys are probably super aware of the style I follow which is Kuronba and a little bit of Ora Ora kei, so of course there will be lots of leopard print, zebra print, ripped jeans, tall boots, and etc.  Things that I absolutely adore <3 I wish I could afford a DIA belt, that would make my life complete.  I also wish I could go to Japan just to get one.  lol I had a dream that I went to Japan <3 I remember waking up and feeling happy.  Anyways back to my wardrobe I'll post a few inspo pictures below and thanks for reading!

Just a few examples of course for the winter I won't be wearing the shorts, etc unless I have some type of stockings or leggings but yeah this is just a small introduction to this new chapter of my blog! <3

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  1. I love your dress! ^O^
    Good luck building your gal Wardrobe^^

  2. Thank you! ^^ it's actually an oversized cardigan that I put a belt over