Sorry for the all caps title I'm just really sad I can't seem to find any people who practice Gyaru style in my area.  Don't get me wrong I've found one or two blogs with people who like Gyaru and live in my area but they don't seem to practice it.  I'm depressed I'd love to meet other people face to face who not only like Gyaru fashion but practice it in their daily lives.  I know I made a post like this a while ago and back then I did make a small effort to look for people, I even made a Craig list ad hoping people would contact me.  One person did but they never replied back.  I have a feeling there are people who live in Minnesota and practice Gyaru I just have to find them.  It's lonely feeling like you're the only one, having to critique yourself, and not having anyone to talk to about Gyaru in general.

IT SUCKS -_- to put it mildly.

I envy the people who live in places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, even in different counties like Europe they all seem to have a nice sized Gyaru Community.  To understand how I feel let me give you an example what if you were the only goth in a high school, lol.  Like I had said in a previous post there was a Gal cir here in Minnesota called Knockout! but it seems to be dead  :(  If I had the resources and the time I would try to start my own Gal cir but I don't...Okay rant over!

 I recently splurged on Ebay, I went a little too crazy and now I'm broke ><  but the things I got will help me in the long run...I hope.  I also won my first auction on Ebay and I was so pumped because the MP3 below is so expensive and I got it for almost 70% off.  I really needed one for when I start working out (trying to start with this dieting thing again), and it's pink!  I also ordered some pink headphones,and bottom lashes which I REALLY REALLLLLLY needed.  Once I get these I'm hoping my make will look dramatic and more gal.  Lastly I finally got a new wig and the color I got is outrageous, it's not the color below but when I do get it you guys will be shocked.  I'm so nervous about getting it but you guys will see, it's a really bright color.  I will definitely be posting pictures and making some videos when I get it!

Pink Sandisk Sansa

Bottom Lashes 

Pink Skullcandy Earphones
 Freetress Equal Wig! *Not this color*

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes

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  1. hello! i found your blog on bloggers :)
    i'm in cali~ let me know if you ever come out and we can have a gyaru meet up!

    i have a giveaway going on right now if ur interested, too.

    - sarah -