Boring Update is BORING ---____---

Not much of an update nothing really has happened I just wanted to show you guys some of my pictures because I think my make up looks pretty good in them.  I've been working so hard on my make and I think I'm finally getting the results I want even though I don't wear circle lenses.  What do you guys think?  I wouldn't call this picture a coordinate post I just really like this Zebra print cardigan I can do so many things with it <3.  I tried to make it look like the D.I.A shirt with matching gloves but I think failed miserably.  I need to work on my coordinates but when you're broke it's so hard to buy clothes.  Also my job has been giving me less and less hours it's SOOOOOOO annoying and it happened just when I was starting to get use to that place.  Now I'm only working two days a week at the most T.T my manager told me it's because they're hiring a lot of new seasonal employees and they need the chance to learn things as well.  It sucks because I'm already running out of money.  But I do have a plan B I've actually been applying to other jobs which pay A LOT more and I already have people calling me for interviews.  So hopefully things will work out.  Also I did my make for work which I rarely do since my job is so unglamourous; I basically serve food all day.  But I think it turned out well except for the absence of false eyelashes.  I just couldn't deal with it since it was so windy and I was about to be late.  You can sort of see my contour I wasn't trying to make it too dramatic since it was for work.  

I got a lot of compliments for some reason and this old guy even called me hot >< lol that's why I love my gyaru make it makes me feel so confident. <3  Hopefully my wig will get here soon, I can't wait for it! :)

xoxo, BarbieEyes

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