So it looks like I'm not moving in with my sister...  I'm not as sad as I was but i've realized my sister is kind of a mean bitch.  I don't think I could handle being in that tiny apartment with her anyways.  

Still sucks though! ><  
I was extra excited and ready to move in with her but life has to go on and I have jobs to apply for, books to write, things to sell, weight to lose, and coordinates to post. 

I also have so many Youtube video ideas, I've been in the groove lately with making videos.  My latest video is about Gyaru Secrets, you guys should watch even though it's really just me cussing like crazy lol.  I think I'm making my next video on how to survive being a broke gyaru because even though I have a job I'm finding it so hard to really live the gyaru lifestyle like I should be.  Thanks for reading gals! 
xoxoxo, BarbieEyes

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