Why is plastic surgery bad?

Before I get into the post do you guys like my new layout?  I love it, it looks a lot better, more original.  It doesn't look like the typical noob Gyaru blog which it's looked like for a long time now.  Since I'm moving I felt like it's time for a change, which explains the new blog name, I will explain what it means in another post.  Not that I didn't love 'Hello Kitty is Sexiness' that name is still deep in my heart, I'm still obsessed with Hello Kitty but I feel like I've graduated from that.  Anyways to get to the purpose of this post if it's not obvious already I plan to get plastic surgery.  Before you guys yell and scream why it's bad and why I shouldn't let me explain why.  As a young girl my body development for some strange reason was off.  My left side always felt weirder than my right side which sounds pretty strange but it's true.  The most obvious place this showed is my breasts, most girl's have a bit of asymmetry when they develop but for me it's very obvious and uncomfortable.  I don't feel comfortable in most shirts, I force myself to wear baggy loose shirts and I hate it.  So I plan to get surgery next year to fix it.  Since I'll be 21 I want to start my 'real' adult life happy and comfortable in my own skin and I believe this maybe the only way to do it.  

Another procedure I'm debating on getting is laser stretch mark removal.  I realize stretch marks is a taboo subject and everyone thinks they're sooooooooo disgusting and blah blah blah but let's be real everyone has them whether they're visible or not.  Mine aren't extremely bad I have a feeling they'll fade a bit once I start working out but I'm curious about the procedure and I'm wondering if it really works.  I don't care if they don't disappear I just want to lighten them a bit.  In high school they bothered me a lot but as I've gotten older I realize they're just a fact of growing, people will love you whether your skin is perfect or not.  Also did you guys know there's body foundation so if it really bothers some people who have stretch marks they could buy some body foundation and just cover them.  

These procedures are expensive and I'm still afraid I won't have enough money to get these things done but I have some fund raising projects I've started to work on.  I won't reveal what they are until I'm finished but it does involve fashion ;).  I've also been working on this novel which is a long and stressful process.  It's taking me so long to write it because I'm going to sell it and I want the product to be worth the money.  The story has to be as juicy, dramatic, and awesome as possible so it'll be worth the few dollars.  It doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing.  

To be honest I think plastic surgery is okay depending on how much you get and why.  Those are the two reasons that makes or breaks the goodness of plastic surgery.  Thank you guys sooooooo much for reading and please leave your lovely comments.

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes


  1. Everyone is entitled to do as they please with their body. Good luck on finding a good surgeon and such :)