Depressing Update...

Sorry guys for the lack of updates lately I've just been feeling super uninspired with my gal style.  My home life is absolutely terrible and my job hasn't been paying me enough so I'm on the hunt for a higher paying job so I can get my own apartment.  I NEED my own place I feel like living here is sucking all the positive energy out of my body, I don't know how longer I'll be able to live here before I snap.  All I'm trying to do here is better myself and my own family members want me to stay in this deep dark hole.  So I have to get out of this hell hole, very soon.  I have a job interview soon, I'm so nervous.  I want to move out before December if things go right.  I've even already chosen a few things I'll buy for my place.  I want the decor to be lots of pink with animal print.  Very Gyaru like!!!  I hope and pray I'll be able to move out of here soon.  Also lately I haven't been putting much effort into my gyaru make and coords because I just feel so annoyed and drained all the time.  Making youtube videos is the only thins thats been making me happy so you guys should really subscribe to my youtube channel.  I've also been thinking of doing vlogs, I love my channel.  Sorry for the boring update :(  I also did a review on one of my wigs if you guys are interested <3

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes


  1. I know how you feel and I hope you get the job you are interviewing for and that everything changes for the better. An you look HOT in that blonde wig!!


  2. Hey sorry to hear about the bad news with your home life...hang in there. You're a tough one, you can do it :)