Gyaru Transformation...so far

We survived 12/21/12, I'm glad that stuff is over with so now most of us can get on with our lives but anyways in this post I just want to show you guys my Gyaru progression so far.  I still have A LOT to improve on especially with my coordinates but I think I'm finally getting somewhere!! <3

Click to see the change!

I still need to work on my contouring but I think I'm finally getting somewhere, when I look back at 2010 I'm so stunned at how I use to look.  WOW, I looked BAAAAD.  I have a lot more worse pictures but I definitely won't be posting those fails.  Also I'm still looking for a job and I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to start school in January, I have to go back!  My Diamond lashes were destroyed and my wigs are becoming so bad but something really awesome happened to me, I won the Manba Giveaway.

So I won a wig and new false eyelashes which I desperately needed so I thank God I won, I really needed this stuff!  I plan to do a box opening video once I get my winnings, I'm so excited I never win giveaways, like ever!  I didn't think I was going to get anything for Christmas since my family can't afford it so this makes me feel so much better.  I think the wig is a gray color so I'm super excited I'm really curious to see how I'll look with gray hair.  Hopefully I won't look too bad. <3  Thank you to all of my new followers and thank you to my old followers for sticking with my blog.  My life is super boring so I thank you guys for still sticking around and reading about it.  I don't think I'll miss 2012 it wasn't the greatest year for me, but I'm going into 2013 with a positive outlook and goals in mind.  

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes 


  1. gorgeous!! congrats on winning the givaway :) and i'm sure you'll look great with Silver hair! i've seen a few darkskinned girls rockin it :) i wanna try it too! plus the blonde looks great so pulling off another light color wont be a big stretch for you :) and i'm about to fan you on Wattpad! my SN is "Yrrebsa" if you wanna see my stuff too :)

  2. You rock that blonde hair so well omg <3

  3. @[[ᴀᴢᴢʏ.ᴘoɪᴢoɴ]] Thanks!!!! Okay i'll look you up on Wattpad!

    @Pseudo*Kid Thank you <3