I'm not dead...But I am a zombie.

Sorry guys it's been forever since I've updated my blog my computer completely broke on me and I had to pay almost 70 bucks to get it sort of fixed.  The screen is still horribly broken now all it does is flash red and blue every so often which is annoying but whatever.  I haven't been doing much except looking for another job unfortunately my stupid asshole of a manager fired me lol.  To be honest working in that little deli area sucked but at least I got a little bit of money but now I'm completely broke. ---____---  But the good news is I have a job interview tomorrow for a call center job.  I've been wanting to work in a call center for a loooooong time customer service reps get a good amount of money which means new apartment!!!  I hope and pray I do well during this interview I don't know how many more odd jobs I can take.  I hate being a part timer.  Some more good news is that I'm finally getting somewhere with my book.  I've been putting off this damn book for months but now I'm actually getting somewhere, yay!  I hope to have the outline done soon my goal is get this thing published before my birthday which is April 29th.  I've also been working on going back to school I'm determined to start back in the spring, my life is going nowhere at this pace; I need education in my life.  I also need to be around people my own age, I'm sad to admit this but I seriously don't have much of a life.  I need one.  Right now all I have is Gyaru, Youtube, and my book I need more in my life.  --__--

I've been posting a lot on Youtube. I adore my Youtube channel and I keep getting more and more subbies. But I feel like my videos aren't as entertaining as they could be so now I'm working on creating more entertaining watchable videos.  Please subscribe to my channel if you already haven't, I'm super active on there! :)

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes


  1. Glad to see your back! Hope you get that new job and are able to move out soon. An good luck with your book :-)