For as long as I've had this blog I've always posted my resolutions for the new year but during that year I either get a little of that resolution done or none done at all.  I feel like resolutions in my case are pretty pointless so I'm not going to to even post any.  The only thing I will say is that I truly plan to do is the opposite of what I normally do ;) so we''ll see how this year goes with that in mind.  As for my gal style I really need to improve on my hair and coordinates.  The hair in my opinion will be an easy fix especially with the wigs and extensions I hope to buy I just find buying and creating my dream gyaru wardrobe to be the most difficult.  I'm not too happy with the way my body is looking so it's hard for me to dress up without feeling self conscious.  I know this is my fault and if I wanted to change my body I would but I'm just being lazy.  I can't find any real drive or motivation that's always been a huge issue in my life  But I'm working on it :)  My make was fine as it was but I want to make it better so I've been working on new eye shapes.  I got some feedback on Facebook on my newer make and it's pretty mixed, to be honest I'm not happy with how it turned out.  I was going for the look that's similar to this AV gyaru but I don't know what happened.  Back to the drawing board. -_- lol  Also I've become super serious about losing weight, real weight.  I've even taken a 'before' picture of my body so I can compare it to my 'after' picture at the end.  My health is terrible, I always feel sick, and I'm so disgusted of my body and I want this to change so I'm super determined too lose weight.  But like always the whole motivation thing is what's holding me back.  If you guys watch my youtube channel you'd see that I've been getting really good at make up in general not just gyaru make.  I've really become fond of transformation and make up helps with that.  I'd love to have a job dealing with make up that would be amazing but I don't think I could see myself being a make up artist as a profession.  Here's some looks I've recently done.  I still have a lot to improve on.

Also here are all the youtube videos I've done in the past few weeks.  Please watch and support! :)

If you can't already tell I really enjoy making videos and I plan to keep going because I have so many ideas swirling in my head.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel I'm super active on there and I think my videos are somewhat entertaining lol.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and sticking with me for another year!

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes


  1. I'm always so happy to see your vids on Youtube. You're always full of so much passion and enthusiasm. It's really aspiring. With your self consciousness, you're not the only one. I find myself with the same problem. I'm always so self conscious in the summer, and I tend to try to hide myself under baggy clothes to appear more smaller. but it's something i'll deal with in the future. I'm hoping being diligent with being better in my gyaru make will give me confidence. anywho....typing wayyy too much. Good luck to you and myself for this NEW year. 2013!! :D

  2. I felt the same about making resolutions this year too! I just made short term goals instead ---> http://naijabarbieng.blogspot.com/2012/12/2013.html

    We have some similar goals like with closets and weight loss. I hope all goes well!

  3. @Hana the Hazbeen Thank you ;.;

    @Naija Barbie I hope yours goes well too! :)

  4. Lovely blog! I love your creativity! You mentioned your health and wondered if you ever tried a raw food diet? It always makes me feel amazing! Woody Harrelson swears by it too, http://www.ecorazzi.com/2012/03/22/woody-harrelson-stops-pushing-diet-lets-body-speak-for-itself/ also the beautiful Karyn Calabrese looks amazing and she's been eating raw for 40 years. She does not look in her sixties http://www.karynraw.com/ - Lots of love xx