I'm so happy to have an Internet connection again, I haven't been blogging only because the Internet shut off but now it's on again!  :)  For a while I've been having to go to the stupid library to use the Internet and I hated it!  People were looking over my shoulder and there was a 60 minute time limit it was so annoying.  I'm just happy to have Internet again.  While Internet-less I've been doing a lot of things like, I've started my REAL diet and I've lost 6 pounds in the last two weeks, I am now 127 pounds.  I haven't been this small in a long time and I feel amazing and I'm plan to keep going until I'm at my goal weight which is 108 pounds.  When I exercise I only pinpoint my legs and arms since those are my annoying areas.  I plan to keep going no matter what!!!!!  I also have a job interview coming up, I'm nervous and excited but I don't want too think about it to much because I;m worried I'll psych myself out and do badly lol.  But if I do get this job I'll finally be able to get my own place <3 and continue with my Gyaru Life I need clothes for the Spring and Summer so badly.  Especially now that I'm losing weight.  I've also been working on my book and I'm on chapter 5 <3 <3 <3 just 25 more chapters to go, then edit, then publish.  I'm excited, I love the plot of my book it's so juicy! :)  Thank you for reading!

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes