If you don't understand the title it simply means I FOUND A FREAKING JOB!!!!  It's not just any job but an awesome job that I've been desperately needing.  Now I can buy my gal stuff, go to school, take acting classes T.T I'm so happy!!!!!  The only downfall is that it's only temporary, but temporary can lead to permanent if I'm giving a good performance.  But I'm happy, this is probably one of the best things to happen to me in a while.  There's so many things I've been needing to do and buy it's ridiculous but I'm super excited and happy!!!  I'll make a want list soon, there's a lot of things I need to buy.  Also I was bored and decided to take full body pictures which I rarely do because my outfits are so boring.  Nothing special, although my legs look slimmer in the pictures then they actually are in real life.  Thunder thighs >< but I'm working on it!!!  

I've noticed that my make up is starting to get old on me; It just doesn't seem to be working well.  This may sound weird but my eyeshadow wears off quickly even though I use a primer, my foundation keeps oxidizing on my face which looks terrible, I hate my liquid liner (I really want to try gel!!!!).  And I'm starting to hate my Glamorous eye Diamond lashes, now I really want to try the Angel eye, they look really bold.  I'm also finally going to invest in some decent bottom lashes, the ones I have are so bad they're not even worth using.  I know this post is super short but I just wanted to share my awesome news, thanks for reading!!!!! XD

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes 

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