I've been really busy lately, with making Youtube videos and running around the city doing job related things but I think I've finally been hired for a job.  The reason I say I think is because it might just be a temp job so I'm not 100% sure yet.  But I'll be so happy when I find out if I seriously have this job, it's the exact kind of job I've been looking for.  Praying I'll get it!!!  Also recently on Tumblr there's this Japanese Gal who I loooooooooove!!!  I love her coordinates, her hair, body, everything!!!!  But I don't know her name but I think she might be a D.I.A shop staff.  She's becoming my ultimate Kuronba muse, when I do start building my gal wardrobe I want to my coordinates to be super similar to hers.  Honestly I want my body to look like hers as well but that's pretty unrealistic.  But I feel like my body type which is extremely curvy will look overly sexy in the short and fur legwarmers combo.  It's not such a bad thing but I hate getting attention from creepers on the street, I need to buy pepper spray--__--  Also I filmed three new videos for my youtube channel, please watch! <3

 Thanks for reading!! <3


  1. Her name is Yuri and she's a manager at D.I.A 109! She's also a member of Black Diamond.