1st BLOG WIG REVIEW!!! Freetress Equal Azealia!

 ❤ Hey awesome people <3 today I'll be 
doing a completely different type of blog.  
Today I'm going to be reviewing a wig.  Now 
normally I'd do my wig reviews on my  
youtube channel but the wig that I'll be 
reviewing is currently gone.  I sent it back to the 
company because I did not like it.  So I think it's 
pretty pointless to do a video review without 
the actual wig so I'm just going to 
do the review here. :)❤ 
 Freetress Equal Wig Azealia ❤ 
color OP8643, cost $28.99
 ❤ Just a warning the pictures below are
actually screen shots from a video I had filmed
because I didn't take any real pictures of the wig.
My face looked terrible in most of those screenshots
which is why there's face blockers.  Sorry >< but
you can still see the wig pretty good. ❤

 ❤ PROS: I got the wig in the same color the model 
above is wearing.  It was a light brown with
a dark brown root at the top.  The color
was really pretty and even though this
wig isn't a 'loud' wig I still got a lot of attention
wearing it.  Another pro of this wig is the length.  
It reached past my boobs which I really liked.
Sadly these were the ONLY things I 
liked about this wig.❤
 ❤ CONS: What made me send this wig
back to the company was the fact that it was
THIN, extremely thin.  This wig was so thin I 
couldn't wear it all to the back because it made
too many gaps I had to keep all the hair
pulled over my shoulders.  What you're seeing
in the gif and pictures is all the hair of the wig
pulled to the front.  This wig is so thin that I had
to brush it every five seconds just to make
it 'look' like it was thick.  And that would only
last a few minutes.

Not only that but the wig SHEDS, like
A LOT.  I would be sitting at my desk at
 work and just sitting down strands of hair 
would be all over me.  On my desk, in my lap,
everywhere!  It was super annoying I couldn't
deal with it.  Lastly the wig comes with a bang 
but for some reason there's a weird part in the
middle.  Like it was accidentally put there because
there's no real parting space.  This wig was
not worth the money I paid which is why I 
returned it.❤
 ❤Overall: So basically this wig wasn't
worth the money.  The color is beautiful but
it's waaaaay to thin, sheds, hard to style, etc.
Not worth it!❤
Thank you for reading! <3
xoxoxo, Barbieeyes


  1. Thanks for the tip Sweetie! :-)

  2. Too bad it was thin, you looked cute in it :-)

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