I feel shitty...

Yes, I'm having super bad internal thoughts at the
moment.  This could also be a result of a fast I'm
currently on so I'm feeling a bit irritable.  Not
to mention it's 4 am but I feel horrible
super horrible.  Not physically but emotionally,
I keep having super negative thoughts popping
into my head like, "you're ugly." "You'll never
amount to anything." "You're lazy." "You're
fat." "You're disgusting." Thoughts like this
keep popping in my head and I feel like 
they're true.  I can't seem to accomplish
anything and when I do I feel like it's super
half assed or just wrong.  I daydream A LOT
probably more then the average person.
I simply daydream about how I wish
I could be or what I wish I was doing.  I 
daydream instead of actually going outside
and doing anything because I'm afraid.  I've 
dealt with depression in the past (even
being hospitiziled) and I vowed not to 
feel that way ever again.  But lately it's been 
happening and I hate these feelings.
I just want to be normal, I just want to be


  1. I'm really sorry to hear that hun :-< , hope everything gets better.
    I mentioned you in a blogpost as well.