I hate my life.

I'm sitting here right now crying because no matter 
how hard I try I can't do anything for myself.  I 
literally feel like throwing up and I'm having terrible 
stomach pains it's probably because I eat horrible things.  
I was looking at myself in the mirror and I hate what I 
see, it literally makes me sick to look at myself.  I just 
want to go to school, get my own place, and have a real 
life but I don't.  I'm always in the dark alone and I 
feel like nobody understands how I feel.  Not my 
parents, or my sister, not even my best friend 
because they have great lives but my life sucks.
Sometimes I feel like I'm just a waste of space
because I can't seem to do anything right. 
I just want to be happy.


  1. The best way to start having a happier life, is by starting to think positively. Find all the things you do like when you look in the mirror. And set plans for yourself to get where you want to do next. If you want to go to school looking to the deadlines to take the placement test and try to set up a meeting with the student advisor.

  2. i feel bad your you Barbie,I feel that way allot too,in many ways myself.Its not easy,depression never is.I hope that you can find a way to make peace in your life and be happier.I haven't found a fix to my problems,They're mainly the kind of things where al you can do is change yourself and wait and see.All i can do is think positive.Focusing on what i can do.I feel stuck allot too,in my hair journey,in my schooling(since ive been in and out of school all my life) and with family issues.But Sometimes,all you can do is do your best to be happy,Like Mew mew said.

    I really hope you cheer up soon!

    Lotts of love and prayer for you!


  3. @MewMew Thank you I will definitely take your advice <3

    @Natissa Kuma Thank you for the kind words! <3

  4. Nooo :-< *hugs* I felt like that, and I don't want to give stupid advice like "it'll be alright" because I hate when people say that to me.
    I'd suggest trying to think positively and look at the bright side of things while signing up for classes, and maybe trying to make friends online or through people you already know. Sometimes just taking a walk or going somewhere away from home like a library or the mall can help too.
    I really do hope you feel better love.