Yesterday I went grocery shopping 
for a few things and as you guys know
I'm constantly trying to lose weight.  So
I tired to buy foods that weren't too 
high in fat but also weren't diet foods.
Except for the lean cuisine dinners
normally hate the taste of any diet foods.
So here are the items I got. <3

❤ I NEVER eat breakfast which is super
unhealthy and can make you gain weight.
It's not because I'm lazy but I rarely have
quick breakfast food and I hate cooking.
So I bought this chocolate mix and it's
basically the same as eating a full
breakfast with less calories.
Just add milk. :) ❤

❤ I bought this to be my substitute for something
sweet.  Sweet foods are my weakness I feel like
that's why it's so difficult for me to lose weight
because I'm always snacking on something
sweet.  To make this taste super good I only
use milk never water.❤

 ❤ Another snack food, I'm always craving
something snacky.  I thought popcorn would be
perfect and the bags are tiny
so I won't overeat.❤ 
 ❤ I eat this cereal as a snack, it's
super good and not packed with
 ❤ My camera blocked out the name but this
is called Organic Weightless tea, I've
never had this before but it's supposed
to help relieve water weight gain. I might do
a review once I'm finished with this

I rarely do funny faces lol <3

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes


  1. someone is kawaii ^_^!Good luck on the diet!!

  2. Be careful with so called diet foods 9 times out of 10 they're just as bad for you. If you find some fitspo blogs on tumblr, they may ask any questions you have about "diet" foods.