How's life?

Life has actually been okay, for once.  I've started a new job(again) and I really like it a lot.  I've made new friends who are actually my age and one girl is going to attend the same college I plan to go to.  I've been doing well at this job also and I'm normally the weakest link but here I'm actually excelling!  It's a nice feeling, I'm sad it's only a temporary job but at least I'll have something else to put on my resume.  I'm also still working on starting school this summer, I have my fingers crossed super tightly, I must start school soon!!!  When I start back I'll be going for global studies, I use to be interested in political science but not anymore.  As of right now I've just been focused on work, school, and revamping my youtube channel.  I desperately need equipment I want an HD camera so badly but I can't afford it T.T.  I'm working to revamp my clothing style, hair, make up, etc which is why I stopped making videos.  Unless I get a really good idea for a video I'm on a youtube hiatus.  I want to return to Youtube different, I probably won't lol but that's my goal.  I have some awesome wigs I want to get and I've even been thinking of buying my first circle lenses.  I finally have health insurance so I can get my eyes checked first, yay!  I bet you guys are annoyed reading about my circle lenses fear but it's not the lenses that I'm afraid of it's my own eyes.  When I say my eyes are sensitive they are SENSITIVE.  They're also huge, itchy, annoying, and pretty much attracts every little hair, make up, stick, you name it.  I've become a professional eye digger as gross that sounds.  I'm afraid wearing enlarging circle lenses will just irritate my eyes even further but I'm sooooooo curious to see how I'll look with them in.  I want either grey, blue, or pink lenses and I want them to be big so I can look like I should be in an anime.  I WANT TO BE PEACH GIRL!!!! i wish...  As afraid as I am of change I'm starting to learn to embrace it and I will!!!  So here's a list of things I've been working on.

1. Work
2. School
3. Style
4. Youtube..thinking of creating a new channel...probably won't though
5. Losing weight...as per usual -_- I swear i'll be 100 pounds and still think I should lose weight

Also here's the new header on my crooz blog, I really love it :) I still need to update it though!!!

Thanks for sticking around my boring blog loves!

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes

p.s. here's a boobtastic picture!