So I finally have found another job lol
I bet you guys are like jeez how many
times is this girl going to get a new job.
But seriously this time it's a real full time job
with awesome pay.  So that means money
real money not pocket change!  Hopefully
I'll be able to start my real gyaru wardrobe.
Get my lenses, weave, etc. MY BODY IS
READY 4 DA MONEY!  Well that's if I can 
manage to keep the job because something always
happenes and I end up loosing it.  This time I'm going
to work hard to keep this job for as long as possible.
I need this!!!  Also I won't be able to start school
until August but I'm fine with that.  It'll give me
time to prep, buy clothes, etc.  I want to look
cute every day!!!!  Also I've been making
youtube videos like crazy...you guys do realize
I have no life. lol  But seriously if you're not 
subbed to my channel I suggest you
do because I make AWESOME videos
well...I hope I do. :)  I also made
a short wishlist, it's in my links.  Right now
it's super short I plan to add more
things to it.  I will be buying or hopefully
buying everything from my wish
list.  Fingers crossed!! Thank
you for reading!!!!

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