TUMBLR CRRRRRAZY & random stuff!

So lately I've been on Tumblr like every single day, 
it's becoming one of my favorite things to do online. 
 I loooooove my new tumblr page, my last one was 
entirely focused on Gyaru but this one is focused 
on all types of things that I love.  I even try to 
post selfies on there but my camera is terrible so 
it's sort of rare.  I'm working to get a new camera 
though!  If you guys don't know the link I'll put it 
below, don't be afraid to follow or ask me 
questions on there I'll answer them!!!  I have 
no life....seriously I don't lol. 

And remember in my last post I said I 
want to wear circle lenses well I'm finally 
starting to take the steps so that I can wear 
them.  Like I'm seriously so excited and scared
to wear them but I have a feeling they're going to
change my whole entire look.  As well as making me
feel more gal and more like some sort of mystical
anime girl.  I want my first pair to be pink which is
a wild color but after seeing Vanilla Chamu with pink
lenses now I really want them!!  Vanilla is a Japanese
woman whose had massive plastic surgery to look
like a 'french doll' she looks great in my opinion.  
Anyways she's inspired me to get pink lenses and
I will!  Now I just have to learn how to take care of
them, etc.  

I've also been working on my story, I'm on 
chapter 15 and that's just the outline.  With the
actual story I'm on chapter 6 and it's a very rough
chapter 6. -_- Still so much to do, but this is my
'debut' novel.  I don't expect people to like it all. 
Here's a look at my outline book, I write out my outline
because I seem to get better ideas when I'm writing
more than typing.  I can't wait until I'm finished with
this damn thing.  Even though everyone will more
than likely hate it.  My handwriting is so sloppy. lol

Lastly I've been practing with my 'photoshop'
on meitu xiuxiu and here's a picture I just worked
on.  I know it looks weird like some alien anime
girl.  I'm hoping to get better with my photoshop 
skills but I still have a lot to work on. ><

Thanks for reading!!!  
Here's a sexy music video by two 
of my favorite drag queens, I'm ADDICTED to this song!

xoxoxo, Barbieeyes!

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