Black people can't be gyaru!

 If you read the Gyaru secrets from this week you'll probably understand where this rant is coming from.  Normally I rarely read Gyaru secrets and when I do it's just a quick skim, there's only so much negativity I can take.  This week a certain secret stating that black girls can't be Gyaru was posted and it honestly pissed me off.  I'm sick and tired of the whole race debate when it comes to a fashion style, a fucking fashion style!!!  The hilarious argument stated that black people's skin is too dark and we all look like gorillas...apparently.  If any of these posters actually followed the history of Gyaru they would know it started with Japanese girls and boys tanning and darkening their skin to extreme lengths.  The whole basis of Gyaru was to break the norms of society, of course nowadays that isn't the case but that was the stance at the beginning.  There's also a stupid and ridiculous argument that our noses are too big and we have wider faces.  

First of all the way IT DOESN'T MATTER what your face is shaped like that's why there's a such thing as contouring.  It's essential to Gyaru that you contour your face whether or not your face is shaped like a square(like mine) or a 'perfect' oval.  It has nothing to do with your natural head shape it's simply about the illusion, the MAKE UP!  There's plenty of Japanese gyaru with big noses(why do you think they contour?) and full lips.  I don't care if some people find black women unattractive, BIG DEAL, that's not the point the point is most of these arguments are based simply on stupid, racist, ugly opinions.  These aren't fact it's just an opinion.  Gyaru has nothing to with race it's about standing out, being fashionable, and creating a 'big-eye' effect.  Being tanned use to be a big deal in Gyaru and nowadays it's not as expected as before BUT that doesn't mean tanned Gyaru don't exist!  There are still plenty of gals with extremely tanned skin who would probably be pissed if they knew some (hopefully few) western Gyaru were shitting on their skin tone.  Some of these Japanese Gyaru are just as dark as others born with brown/black skin.  So using the argument that our skin tone is too dark is irrelevant.  

Also saying we all look like gorillas is also irrelevant and I won't even write about that.  I happen to think gorillas are cute. -_-  Also to say that the black Gyaru expect 'privileges' in the Gyaru community is a bunch of horse shit.  End of story.  Being rude, mean, or bitchy is a human trait not just a 'black' trait.  The Gyaru sub style B-Gyaru is greatly inspired by the hip hop culture/black culture.  To say black people can't follow Gyaru would mean that B-Gyaru shouldn't exist.  Am I right?  Lastly the poster stated that we all wear cheap wigs which means this poster knows every black Gyaru in the community and is aware of how much we all spend on all of our wigs.  IRRELEVANT.  Final verdict I honestly don't give a rats ass if people don't find black women beautiful  but just because you're a racist asshole cunt doesn't mean you should try to exclude a certain group of people from a popular fashion style.  At the end of the day we're ALL human and we all bleed the same color.

Obviously this is just a personal rant, I don't expect to change the minds of any racist people(Not that I care).  But I made this rant for the girls who believe they can't be Gyaru because they think they're to dark, to pale, to fat, short hair, no hair, etc.  You can do whatever you put your mind too but you have to PRACTICE and work towards it.  Don't let the opinions of others stop you from achieving your goals! 



Thanks for reading!


  1. Preach girl!! Don't forget that we look like cross-dressers too!! I mean, who in their right minds would take the time out to attack an ethnic group? It's disturbing and infuriating for sure, just keep doing you, black gyaru are amazing <3

  2. Agreed. People love to hate on us black girls for no reason, but we can do any of the gyaru styles naturally, without a fake tan because we're already dark. Also , like the Japanese, we have dark hair, Brown to black eyes and therefore a lot of the same make-up can help flatter those features. Saying we can't be gyaru is definitely from a lack of brains. If we can't be gyaru because our skins too dark then white people couldn't because their skins too light am I right?

    Each race has at least one gyaru attribute naturally there, so I don't understand why people are so racist about it.

  3. I expect antiblackness so I'm not surprised by it when it appears. There is even this kind of attitude in the cosplay community. I think because the gyaru community is filled with females the cattiness comes out more openly. When females are around males they seem to more cautious with their cattiness because they know it won't help their image to the males they are seeking validation from. From my observation the gyaru community is filled with females who seeks validation from other females so you have females who are not afraid of getting nasty with their words and behavior. It's just like some guys get when a female a gives a specific male power to make her feel worthy. I hope I have made sense.

  4. Wow, that secret poster can go suck a bag of leaky dick.

  5. Don't pay attention to miserable girls who feel so uncomfortable with themselves that they try to bring other women down to feel better.

    Gyaru isn't about body shapes or skin colors, but about your personality and what you like. Dreamy, sweet and princess-like goes with hime, mature and elegant is more onee-gyaru, and so on.

    Of course "original" gyaru will be Asian because there's where the style generated.

    And just for the record, other countries (like Japan, and mine, Argentina, included) have so much love and respect for African American culture that hip-hop style is widely adopted and imitated (although most rap music here is terrible, lol).

  6. It seems that alot of the style is what society calls "ghetto" when we do it....but when another nationality does it it's OK..... When I found it I was astonished and was like, wow they want to be black lol.... But I guess not. ... No better than white people taking dreads from us..... Wearing them..... Like we wasn't doing it first.... Then got the nerve to say we can't do it? Dreads was just an example

  7. It's like they copied our"ghetto" style and got the nerve to say we can't do it? I'm confused.... Lol