Fushigi Yugi & Absolute Boyfriend Stage Plays!

This post is completely unrelated to me
but it does have to do with a few of my
interests manga and actingYuu Watase
a manga artist some of you guys probably
know has two of her works turned into
stage plays
Fushigi Yugi and Absolute Boyfriend!!!

  The cool thing is they 
actually look really accurate 
which is always good.  I was super 
disappointed in the Absolute Boyfriend 
Japanese live action it was terrible. >< 
It wasn't anything like the manga I only
 liked the casting, but it was baaaaad
 Fushigi Yugi hasn't been made
into anything live action
 related but I have
to honestly say I'm super 
impressed by the casting and  
costumes it looks GREAT!
The sad thing is I CANNOT find
anywhere to watch these with english
subs.  I'm sure they will be uploaded. 

I really hope
it's soon I really really
want to watch them! I'm also
sure you can purchase them but as we
all know I'm always broke.  But if
I did have the money I would definitely
buy these plays! 

Clips from Fushigi Yugi Play

Clips from Absolute Boyfriend♥ 

Sorry I can't just put
the video, Blogger was being

If you want to purchase any of
these, the links are in the video  
descriptions on Youtube!

     I want to start trying new things
with my blog, like manga/anime
reviews.  More make up and
body care reviews, and just 
letting you guys know about
cool things I've found out.

I'm going to completely redesign
my blog then start trying newer
better things!  Hope you
guys like it!

xoxoxo, BarbieEyes

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