Look at what I've been doing...


 Today I'm sharing with you guys the title 
and short summary of my book.  I shared
 the title on here once a long time ago.  
But I'm sure whoever read that more then
 likely forgot.  Anyways here it is.  Barbie Hall
is my new pen name.  My real name is super
hard to spell so I just came up with this.  People
do call me Barbie in real life so it didn't just 
appear out of thin air. ;)  On to the summary!!!
 It's short and doesn't reveal a shit ton of info
but I don't mind that since it's more of a
teaser.  The upcoming story won't be out
for a while.  By upcoming I mean  
December 2013.  Hopefully.  If not it'll 
be out in January but December at the
 least is my ultimate goal.  Also heres
the link to my new Goodreads.  If you're 
an avid reader you'd probably know what 
Goodreads is.  LOL.  Thanks for reading
and don't be afraid to comment! <3
xoxo, Barbieeyes


  1. This sounds sooo interesting! <3 I can't wait~ and yes, I know what good reads is hehe~ ^-^