my failed Ulzzang Attempt

I'm not into Korean fashion, it's pretty 
but my it's not my thing.  For some reason 
I wanted to attempt an Ulzzang look.  
Or "best face" look.  I know Ulzzang isn't a fashion 
it's just literally your best face.
So I attempted it.  I wanted to do a YouTube
tutorial but it didn't come out right.  So 
instead I turned this into practice.  So when I do
make the video I won't look like such an idiot. 
Take note, I have no circle lenses so, meh.  

(my least favorite is the eyebrows, it's so hard trying
to get that straight brow look)
 Also you don't need to be Asian to try the Ulzzang look.
In my opinion if Korean music can take such influences
from Hip Hop/R&B/black culture.  We can take 
inspiration from their styles.  Just saying.  I also had
a job interview...it went well.  I think.  I looked pretty.
This job is perfect for me, PERFECT.  When I start 
work again, I'm buying new lashes/wigs/clothes and it's
back into Gyaru fashion I go.  I've been on a forced
break from Gyaru because it's literally impossible to
be gal with zero monies.  Zero.  I'm also still working sort of
hard on my book.  I'm nowhere near close to being 
finished.  This outline is taking years.  I've updated
my writers blog too, check out my updates here!  I'll
be so happy when I get this book done, it's long

Made some gifs too, it was supposed to
be a video tutorial but I think I failed.  Trying
again soon. :)

xoxo, BarbieEyes


  1. I think you did good job for your first attempt. I know your not into Ulzzang but I don't think that true, your interest in it or wouldn't have attempted it like translation said it's your "best face." Makeup is Makeup and is an art so don't hold back because name of the (art)form or where it originated. Plus I like to see gyaru attempt different makeup style everyone once in while...I mean what other makeup styles there interested in plus think gyaru shouldn't be stuck in box in terms of makeup. I think Gals should incorporated other forms of makeup into the style to make them even more unique but that's just me.

  2. In my opinion you look pretty!~ A better attempt than me D":

  3. @Ashley I agree, make up is art :)

    @Neiro-chan Thanks <3