why are you so mean?

another update.  I made a video but
it's nothing beauty related.  just a video
on my book.  if you're interested please
watch.  and is it just me or do I look huge in
this particular video.  I need to lose 
weight.  badly. but that's the last thing
on my mind lately.  I've been stressed.
so stressed my eye started twitching.
yes, twitching.  It's stopped now but
I read it's a symptom of stress and 
fatigue. It freaked me out but it didn't
hurt, my eye bag was just shaking 
every few seconds.  i just laid down
and tried to relax then it stopped. now
that I'm trying to write a book it's adding to
that stress level.  i just want it to be good.
not perfect just good.  I'm also still searching
for a job *sigh*.  I'm praying I'll get one soon. 

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