Miley Cyrus inspired makeup & gyaru style!

Yes.  We all know Miley Cyrus
is crazy and exploiting black
culture just to make her more money.  But
I love her makeup.  Though I'm not the
hugest fan of her music.  But her
make up is always perfect.  It's pretty
natural except with a red 
lip.  So pretty.  Love it!  So I 
decided to do a makeup tutorial
for it. 
(Here's the thumbnail I made)

(here's more pictures)
 (I look so dumb sticking out my tongue -_-)

More posts coming up!  Now that
I have a job I'm going to be able to buy
outfits so hopefully coordinates post soon.
I'm also working on my body etc.  New make up
as well so back into Gyaru style
I go!!!!  I love Kuro-Gal but I'm
thinking of switching to Agejo.
Probably not though.  Agejo is super sexy
it means showing off your body.
Off course I can't since
 I'm overly self conscious
Ideally I want my makeup to look
like this!
 or this!
I want my hair(wig/weave/etc) like this!
 And wearing outfits like these!

In time I will. I won't give up.
A fellow gyaru made a facebook
post recently about wanting
to give up and just feeling down.
She reminded me of how I've
been feeling.  Reading all of
her responses from other amazing
gyaru reminded me that I should 
never put my goals on hold just
because I don't think I can do
it.  One day I'm going to be 
an amazing gyaru.
I just have to work hard at it.
Keep practicing.

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