New video, boys, & other stuff

 After filming about three videos and deleting all
but one I've finally managed to shoot, edit, and
upload a makeup video I'm proud of.
Happy dance!!! 
This video idea has been in my head for a long time so I'm happy 
I've finally filmed it.  It's makeup inspired by the
manga Revolutionary Girl Utena!  I'm sure you
guys know what manga/anime that is.  Here's the
 thumbnail I created, as you can see my eye make up
represents Utena in a way.
Here's the video!
I also took a lot of pictures because
I was pretty impressed by the results.  I'm
nowhere near a makeup artist so it was surprising 
how good it looked.  I'm thinking
of doing a manga "makeup" series where I do
makeup inspired by my favorites.  Like Peach girl,
Banana Fish, Sailor Moon, etc. Especially
now that I have a job I'll be able to
get new materials.  I have lots of ideas
for videos but I just don't have the things
I need for them.
Soon I will.


The other day I went to the University of MN campus 
and I got super sad.  I wish I was a student 
again.  A university student.  I miss school so
much I'm itching to go back.  Right now isn't the
time though.  In a few months, yes.  I know I've
been saying that for a while.  But this time, it's true.
And I can't wait.
There was so many cute/sexy guys on that
campus (checking me out) I was acting so thirsty. 
(these gifs are super sexy IMO)
 But I can't help it.
I want a boyfriend.  WANT.  Not need.
I can live without a guy but it wouldn't 
be bad to have someone.  Y'know to kiss and
cuddle with.  I'll be honest I want some
"physical" male attention.  Sigh.  Forever alone, I guess.
And it's not because guys aren't attracted to me.
It's just the annoying babymamma having broke ugly
ones seem to be the only guys bold enough
to ask me out.  Not my type at all.  But blame it
one where I live.  It's irritating.
On another topic my book writing remains this slow
process and I'm figuring out ways
to speed it up.  I'm just such a perfectionist.
I want the damn thing to be good,
I've been thinking about the story for
years.  It would be a nightmare if everyone
hated it.  I've actually had nightmares
and daydreams about that scenario.  It'll
probably happen.  It doesn't help that I'm
addicted to reading bad book reviews.  I made
a post on my writer's blog on how my
main guy characters would look
if they were in a manga.  I found the
best pictures, check it out here!
Sort of a long post but I hope
you guys enjoyed reading!

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