off to work...coordinate post?

This is kind of a coordinate post.
A bland one.
You've been warned.
I'll admit it's not the most exciting coordinate post
but I wanted to show you guys how 
I looked for my first day of work.
 Boring and blah.  I know.  Our dress code
is business causal.  My least favorite
kind of dress code.  The job is
amazing so far.  Great pay, great benefits,
great everything.  I just have to step my game up.
And stay on top of everything.
SIGH.  Just a day in the life of a constantly
broke Gyaru/wannabe student/indie writer/aspiring actress.
 Here's my make, super boring and
natural.  No lashes, no eyeliner, just
a eyelid color and mascara.  Blah. I look
so bored in the face.  I tried cutting my
eyebrows straight.  It's so hard to
do but I tried. :)
(excuse the white mirror stains -_-)
And here's my outfit, I liked it sort of.
It was the best I could conjure up
for my first day.  I don't have a lot of
clothes so I think I chose well for what
it is.  Nothing Gyaru or really interesting
about the outfit.  But I was going too
an eight hour job so I guess this 
is to be expected...
You can look gal at work.
Here's some gals at work.
(they're actually at a gal cafe in Japan *_*)
I've also been feeling under
the weather.  Like usual.
But that's life.  Right?