Real hair update?

I don't think I've talked about my
real hair in a long time.  The last real
post was in 2011 I think.  It's here if 
you're interested.  I did do video hair
updates but I think I'm going to stick
to blog posts now.  I'm on a "relaxed"
hair journey.  Which means I'm trying to
grow my hair past shoulder length.
As well as helping it maintain it's health.
About two years ago I had a hair disaster
and a good chunk of my hair had to be cut.
Ever since then I've been taking care of my
hair for the most part.  It's definitely grown
back to normal.  Now it's thicker, but
I'm unsure of the length since I haven't had
a relaxer in a long time.  I do plan to get 
another one just not anything soon.  I'm 
trying to grow out my hair a bit more then
I'll get one.  Here's a picture of my hair back
in 2010 before any damage was done.  
(I was so dorky looking)
 Here's some pictures I just recently took after
taking some braids down.  My hair is super soft and
thick so it's pretty hard to manage.  What I've been
doing is keeping it braided beneath my
wigs.  Though I want to get a sew in soon.
That's sort of my
strategy and my hair has grown a lot from doing that.
The problem is I don't wash my hair enough
or moisturize enough which damages my ends.   It's
only because of laziness and lack of products.  I'm
 heavy handed because my scalp sucks up
product.  Literally.  Shedding
is another huge problem but I'm finding ways to
work on it.  So annoying.  Anyways just
wanted to make this post about my
hair. :)

My dream hair/style/color/weave/whatever.
Except with a side part. *_*

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