Another haul, work pics, getting back into gyaru! (longish post)

(about to go to work, wore pink and
tried a pinkish make up look:
it was breast cancer
awareness day.  Looks like
ulzzang makeup O.o)
I just keep buying things.  :) I
can't help it, buying stuff makes
me feel happy, calm, and stress free.
Seriously.  I can't wait to do real
shopping.  Like for clothes and shoes.
Especially now that I actually want to 
make an effort to be more fashionable.
More gyaru anyways.  Here's the things I
bought.  Pretty much random stuff.
 ☆Wet n Wild
Glitter Palette☆
This palette hopefully will
be perfect for when I start
doing gyaru makeup again.  I did
swatch the colors, the 
pigmentation is just okay.
 ☆Villains Collection False Eyelashes
I HAD to get these, HAD!!!
They look amazing, sort of
expensive but soooooo
worth it!  The packaging is 
so cute I don't want to open it.
But I will. :D
 ☆Shea Moisture Facial 
Wash & Scrub
This was sort of expensive 
but right now my face needs 
something that'll actually help.  
At the moment my skin is extremely
dry, cracky, and ugly.  I think
I might do a video review of this. 
  ☆Elf Glitter Eyes Set
Super cheap and I've
been wanting to try a new primer.
The eye shadows also have great 
pigmentation. :)
 ☆Organics Smoothing
It's hair gel made for kids
but it's a lot more healthy then the
darker gels.  It has no alcohol and
it smells super good.
☆Olay Facial Hair
I'm not afraid to admit I have
facial hair.  It annoys me but
yes I have it.  I saw this new
facial removal creme.  I normally
get a different brand but I couldn't 
find it.  This shit was expensive so it
better work lol or I'm returning it.
 ☆Cocoa butter Stick☆
These things are AMAZING!!!  Especially
for scars.  When I was younger my face got
scratched up pretty bad, I thought I would
be scarred for life but I used a cocoa
butter stick and it cleared up everything.
I have some acne marks and scratches
on my face now so I thought it would
be good to use this again.
☆Organics Hair Lotion
I know it's for kids but
I really love this brand.  It's
really helped my hair. <3
If you guys hadn't noticed I've been
on a gyaru hiatus/break.  I write about
it a lot in my posts but I haven't done
gyaru make up in literally months.  Some
reasons include lack of money, lack of
enthusiasm, and not knowing anyone else
into gyaru.  
Well.  Now I have a job, my 
enthusiasm is still low but that's only due to
health reasons.  And I've actually 
discovered other people in my area who
like gyaru.
There's even a facebook page now
for people who are into Japanese
Fashion in my area.  Not only that but
a purikura machine store was recently
opened around me.  Probably only a bus
 ride away.  I'm so pumped!
It's given me that small push to improve
my style and get back into gyaru!  I'm
still am in love with 96gal but I don't
think wearing shorts and D.I.A-esqe
chains are practical in my everyday
life.  I'm going to go for a more
sexy lounge gyaru type
thing. (I probably can still wear chains/belts)
  For example I'd wear hot pink
sweatpants with a leopard crop
top.  And just my gal hair/make.
I'm really into crop tops.  My
stomach is normally super flat. :)
I also got another wig, it's especially
perfect for gal.  Of course.

It feels a little strange, almost like
a barbie doll hair texture and there's
lots of loose ends.  Still.  It's
gorgeous!!!!!  I don't think
I've ever liked a wig as much
as this one, the style anyways.
It's going to look great with
super dark/bold makeup!
Hopefully I'll be able to
finally start doing coordinate posts.
I sort of feel like I don't even know
where to start with my gyaru make up.
Right now Ageha is becoming a
huge inspo for me.  Of course I
still love Egg but Ageha is so
diverse, they show different types of styles,
make up, coordinates.  These are some
eye makeup looks that really
stood out to me.

This girl below, I don't know her
name or blog but I always see pictures
of her on tumblr.  I would do anything
to have my make up look something
like hers.  Just perfect.  The anime
lenses are just an icing on the cake.
Makes me wish I wore lenses.
 Remember my Japanese blog?
Yeah.  I don't either lol, I'm thinking
of attempting to create another
on Ameba.  But it's literally
impossible to figure out how
to customize the blog or put
on graphics, etc.  But I really want
Japanese readers, badly.  It would
be cool to hear their response to
my makeup, life, etc.  When I
was active on my crooz blog I
always got a really good
response.  Of course I
barely understand what they were
saying because google translator
sucks but it was good enough
to get the point across.
Lastly I went to the doctor's
today for final tests.  I get my results 
soon.  If I get them back and they're
not good I probably won't update
for awhile.  A long while. I don't think
 I'll have the energy too.  I'll probably be
to depressed, etc.  I've been
praying though, this whole experience
has given me a wider outlook on 
life.  My goals have become more
special to me, more important.  I 
feel like I've been slacking off.
But I don't want to give up.
Especially if I'm sick.
I won't.

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