Another update, stupid anxiety, and random haul

 Took some pictures before work.
Boring work t-shirt is all but for
some reason I really wanted to 
take pics.  Minimum make up,
just blush, foundation, eyebrows.
I miss doing gal make but I'm
out of literally everything.
(I'm wearing a shirt with my job's logo,
which is why I'm covering it,
they have an image policy and I 
don't want to be fired lol) 
I've noticed my eyes have
lightened, or maybe it's just me.
Is that a sign of being sick, ugh.
Though my dad's eyes lightened
too when he was younger
(derp face)
This week has been
a difficult one, I was supposed to
get paid last Friday but there was
a huge mix up and they sent my
check in the mail instead.  I have
yet to get my check.  -_- I called and
they said it's on the way.  By the time
it comes I'll be already getting my next check..
There's so many things I'm buying.
Make up, wigs, etc.  Here's a 
sneak peak at one of the wigs
I'm going to get.
 I'm a blondie for life but I
also need an "everyday" wig. I
think this one will be a good
choice. You guys will be
seeing everything I purchase
don't worry.  I like doing
blog hauls.  :) Can't wait to start
 making new youtube videos.  I've
actually just reached 1,000 subs!
I'm sooooo happy, I'm planning
the giveaway and everything.  Just
have to find the time to make the
perfect video.  I have so many
videos plans.  I hope I can make 
them super soon.  They help me
feel so much better, which is weird.
But true.  Especially now since
my anxiety has also been on full
blast this week.  Due to my check not
coming, the possibility of being sick
arguing with my mom. (she opened
my mail without my permission
just to see how much my check
would be.  I was super heated.)  It's been
so bad when I think of these things
I feel like throwing up or hurting 
myself.  Of course I don't hurt 
myself but I just feel like like doing
it just to relieve this inner turmoil.  It's
even starting to show, my eyes always
look tired.  I tend to look slumped over
and sad.  People at work even noticed. :(
Okay I need to write about something
more positive, I went shopping.  Sort
of.  Just for random food items.  Most 
are healthy.  I'm becoming more
health conscious.  I've even 
started to eat salads.  I normally
hate salads.  But for most of my
life I've abused my poor body with
terrible foods and now I'm trying to
nurture it.  But more on that in 
another post here's some things
I got.  Sorry for the blurry quality
my camera didn't want to zoom in 
for some odd reason. 
☆Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Green Tea with Coconut
I only got this because I thought 
the packaging was cute but
it actually smells really good.
Like fresh coconuts, it was
expensive but I'm excited
to try it!
☆Organic Coconut Oil☆
I bought this not to eat but
specifically for my hair/scalp.
I've heard coconut oil does 
wonders for your hair and
 I've wanted to try it for a long time. 
☆Thai-Style Curry
Chicken with coconut☆
This just sounded really good
Somewhat natural ingredients,
I'll probably make it with some rice
but it suggests lettuce wraps which
sounds yummy too.  
☆Mio Water Enhancer☆
Trying to find subs for pop
until my cravings go away.  I've
stopped drinking all pop.  Totally.
Hopefully this will help. 

☆Chicken Noodle Soup
Super random, lol!
☆Powder Pink
Another sub for pop.
Thanks for reading.


  1. i just stumbled upon your page! I'm currently lolita but im interested in doing gyaru make and maybe style once i loose more weight. But i'm always looking for new fashion friends who like japanese fashion. i hope to start a new blog up here. but i wanted to share about this place in eden prairie https://www.facebook.com/wakuwakupics it does purikura! i went a couple times but it'd be fun to see a gyaru style. i hope you get to go and do a blog!!! thanks for updating!! i look forward to reading about your experience and more other posts of yours!

  2. Thanks for reading and thank you for the link! <3