Eyebrow piercing and hard road ahead...

 I'm thinking of getting an eyebrow 
piercing.  I've been wanting to change
myself and starting with a piercing
may just be the first stop to my
"evolution" lol that sounds so dumb.
But I'm completely serious.  In college
I got my nose pierced and that lasted
a few months.  It was wasted because
back then my make up sucked.  I wasn't
fashionable, didn't wear wigs. 
I just looked baaaaad.  When I look at
my older pictures I cringe so hard.  Yuck. 
I'm also getting new wigs, I've been
eyeing this pink one.  Fingers crossed it
won't end up like the last pink one.
Such a waste of money. :/
(I want something like how Mami <3 has hers)
On a more serious note
 So there's a chance I might be sick,
really sick.  Seriously sick.  Always
in the hospital sick.  I'm going to get tested
and we'll see.  I'm scared of course, but
it's life.  Right?  Knowing this puts my
bland life in perspective.  What have I 
been doing?  Why aren't I achieving my
goals?  Why am I stuck in this limbo?

Hate this.   

Just scared. 

My one true goal is just to be a kawaii
desu princess lol.  But seriously I'm 
terrified, worried, and anxious.  But
maybe this is what I need to change
my life for the better. 

Thanks for reading...


  1. When do you find out the test results?

    Are you going to test out eye brow piercing look before you get pierced?

  2. Still waiting to take tests :)

    I should but probably not, thanks for reading!

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