Hello! I finally went shopping and
now I have a tiny haul to show you guys.
I already ordered my wigs, they're on the
way.  I also ordered some Japanese 
cosmetics.  I'm so excited to get my stuff
it's the only thing I'm looking forward to 
this week.  My doctors appointment was
a disaster.  The doctors scared the hell out
of me and now I think I might be dying.  I also 
have to go back for more tests.  My anxiety 
has been so bad I can't stop crying, I'm
constantly shaking, and dreading
everything.  I just want to know what's wrong
with me.  That's it.  Nobody can understand
how I feel unless they've gone through it.  So
I feel like I have no one to talk to.
 I want to go to a therapist but I need to find
out if I'm sick first. Spending money is one 
of the few things that's been able to make 
me feel better.  So I went to Target and 
Walmart and got a few things I've been 
seriously needing. 
 And a few extra things.

☆Pixe Eye Glow Cube
This is probably the most expensive
eyeshadow palatte I've ever bought.
But I think it was worth it.  I've been
wanting this for a long time.  A LONG
time.  The colors are beautiful.  So
worth the money. 
☆Loreal Voluminous Lashes
 I just wanted to give this a
try, the wand is huge.
☆Loreal True Match
New foundation, too light
as usual. -_-  I never get the
right shade.
☆Elf EyeLiquid Set☆
Only $3 had to
get it. 
☆Covergirl+Olay Concealer
Wanted to give this 
a try, I've been needing
a concealer.  I maybe doing
a review on it. :)

☆Loreal Infalliable 24hr
In the color bronzed taupe,
it's beautiful.  So glad I got it.

☆Goody Headbands
Pink zebra print headbands,
love them! :)
☆Elf EyeLiner Set☆
My all time favorite, the

 ☆Milani Eyeshadow
In the color bronze doll(just like me lol),
it looks so pretty in the picture
but it's not as pigmented as 
I thought it would be.  
 ☆Essie Polish
Ran out of my last
black polish, black
is my favorite color
to wear on my nails.
  ☆Duo Glue
I've also been thinking of going
to Japan for a year only to learn
the language.  Like literally stay at a Japanese
school and just spend my days learning the
language.  There's so many obstacles
in my way: money, possibly being sick,
my anxiety.  But I want to go for it.  I
really do.  Going to Japan has been
such a longtime dream of mine.  I've been
looking at schools.  I want to go
maybe 2015/2016.
I just need to stay positive.
I also ordered some Japanese eyeliners,
I'm soooooo excited to get them.
I bought one of each in black and
brown.  I will be doing a video review
of these.  I've always been curious about
these cosmetics.  The packaging was enough
for me to buy them, I just hope the
 quality matches.

And I ordered two pair
of boots.  At work it's business
causal and I've been wearing tennis 
shoes annnnnd I'm not supposed to
be .  So I just ordered some
sexy boots mainly for work.  
Hopefully they fit.
I might do a review of these
as well, especially the furry ones.
Aren't they gorgeous?  
I managed to get the last pair in my size.
Thank you for reading,
and I leave you with Rupaul's words
of wisdom.


  1. Nice haul!! I understand on buying the wrong foundation,lol. I usually buy it too dark though. I swear the lighting is off or maybe it's just my eyes,lol. XD

  2. I've always wanted to buy those eyeliners too! Please make a review~

  3. @Honey Tan Yes!! It happens to me all the time lol :)

    @Neiro-chan I definitely will! :D