Is gyaru popularity dying, first food post, & other things...

(just found this pic on Tumblr, wish I 
knew the mangaka's name)
This whole post is sort of because I 
just heard that Men's Egg magazine will
be ending this month....So sad.  It just
makes me feel like gyaru is dying.
I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT, but it feels
like it is.  I know gyaru is just evolving and 
a lot of Japanese gyaru, are starting to look
more onee and less wild and out there...
Okay that's a lie.  There's still black diamond,
and there's still street gyaru who look 
like how gals should...they're just not
getting their screen time in magazines. 
And on shows.  I saw a bit of the Kawaii.i
special on Gyaru and I was stunned.  Where 
were the Manba, Kuro-gals, B-gals
or even  goth gals.  THEY EXIST!  In the time I've 
had this blog I've followed literally hundreds of 
aspiring gyaru with blogs.  Now a good portion
of those blogs are either inactive, the person is
no longer gyaru, or have deleted the blog 
themselves.  I've also noticed some people
choose not to call themselves gyaru even 
though they dress in the style which in my
opinion is silly.  Call it what it is!  Gyaru is 
an amazing style, if it wasn't so many
people wouldn't have fallen for it.  It
saddens me to see what's it's changing
into and how people are shunning
the name like it's a bad thing.  For me,
gyaru is a huge part of my life and
until I start dressing gyaru everyday,
wearing make up everyday, and posting
coordinate posts I won't give it up!
 Even if the wild styles becomes less
popular I'll be one of those few
girls with big hair, wearing leopard print,
and extremely dark eyeliner.  ;) 
Also me and my sister have decided to 
get an apartment together.  For reals this
time.  And that's only if I maintain my job,
save, money, etc.  We'll get a two bedroom
place so it won't be as bad as last time.  
Literally my sister's last house was a tiny 
studio where there weren't any rooms so
she nor I could have any privacy.  Now
if everything works out we well.  Since I can 
finally afford it. <3  I also wanted to show
you guys what I made the other
day.  It's my first food post.  Weird.
I need to make take more of these.
I just have an outdated cell phone and
when I go to restaurants or make
something yummy looking the pictures 
look grayish.
 French toast, fried potatoes, eggs, and ham.
I make the best breakfast and it was
so good.  It's making me hungry just thinking
about it now.  I'll be getting a new 
cell phone soon, hoping for the Samsung galaxy
s4 or s5.  
 When I do I'll definitely
do more food posts.  I love seeing them on
other blogs so why not on mine?  I'm also
super eager to have a decoden case.
I've wanted a deco case since 2010!
Maybe something like this?
Lastly if you guys have read my
last post you know that I might
be sick.  I get tested next week, so now
I have no excuse but to get healthy, work
out, etc.  It's sad that it took me 
maybe being sick for me to start
trying to become healthier.
But I am now.  I don't even know
where to start.  I'm thinking of 
joining weight watchers since
my job offers free/reduced price
classes.  SIGH.  I hate even
thinking about it.  But that's life,
it throws you curve balls and you
just have to learn to catch them.


  1. Hope everythings ok with your health and its not anything bad =( Also my opinion on the people who dress gyaru, but say they aren't..I think they just don't want to be labled.

    People always seem to be saying Gyaru isn't just about the look and that it's a Lifestyle, so I think people like that may just like the "look" or whatever and not actually be gyaru or maybe not a hardcore one IDK.

    Because it's the same with other lifestyles like Goth, Punk or Preppy etc. just because someone wears the type of clothes or makeup that they wear, doesn't automatically make them a part of their lifestyle/group. Sometimes it's just about the fashion for some people, but it does irritate me sometimes too when someone looks like a label and says they aren't what they look like.

    We just need to remember not to judge a book by it's cover because people always try to label me as "Girly" only because of my personality, but it doesn't match my style since I like to dress Edgy. And as for the Gyaru who have stopped blogging or deleted their blogs, I think they might of wanted more privcy or were tired of the drama or something.

    Blogging isn't for everyone is what I've learned but it does make me really sad when people post that last blog post saying they're deleting their blog before you never see them again or not as much =(