Wig Haul!

My wigs arrived super quickly
I'm in love with all of them!  They're so
worth the money I spent.  Getting
these has definitely brightened
my mood. (sort of) The pictures below 
are the wigs straight out the packaging
so some of them still have lace 
on them.  I will be doing reviews
on most of these except the
one below since I've already done 
a review for it.
 ♥This is my Lydia wig, I bought
this one before.  Still pretty but 
I hate the thin "new wig" feeling it
has.  It needs to hurry and thicken 
up. ♥
  ♥This is the most expensive wig
I bought and totally worth it.  It
feels amazing, natural, and extremely
long.  Love it!
   ♥I didn't know what to expect
with this half wig.  But I actually
really like it.  I wish I could get a wig
that's all of the color 
at the bottom. ♥
  ♥This one is my absolute favorite,
it's gorgeous!!!!  Super long, soft,
and the color is amazing. I'm in 
love and I do plan to buy more
from this  particular wig line. ♥ 
 ♥It's a perfect gyaru wig 
in my opinion (especially for
onee gal) since it's so long and bold.
I even made a video wearing
it but the video does it no justice.
I'll be doing a review
on it super soon.  I wore it
out and I got a lot of stares.
But I don't care, I'm in
love with it! ♥

  ♥Sorry about the terrible quality
of this picture.  It's a black radiance
pressed powder.  My face turns into
an oil slick at work and my current 
powders aren't helping at all.
I saw this is in dollar general
and just wanted to give
it a try. ♥

Lately I've been really wanting to
buy a Japanese school uniform.
Not for Halloween but to just wear
whenever I want.  If you click on
my wishlist you'd see I've wanted
a school girl type of outfit for a

I'm just weird like that. 

At the moment
my fashion sense totally sucks but I'm
working on it. 
Seriously I am.
This gif is so me.  Unfortunately.


  1. You look so pretty! The wig at the end really does compliment your face~ and btw i've also wanted a japanese school uniform just to wear it whenever I want xD