Boring life of a doll-ish girl! [Long Post]

 Hey guys I'm finally back!!!!  And feeling
a lot better, I got my test results and I'm
not sick.  When I heard the news I cried
I was so happy.  Now that that's in the
past I've been taking the steps to
improve my life and get on with achieving
my goals.  I've been working A LOT, and
soon me and my sister will be getting an
apartment.  We plan to move in January.
My job is amazing, AMAZING.  I couldn't 
have asked for anything better.  All these
months of being jobless really paid off.
I want this job to be long term so I've been
working hard to be one of the best.  It's
a customer service job.  I've also been 
working on improving my fashion style.
Seriously this time.  I have an upcoming
Romwe haul, here's one item I bought.
It's a crop top. 
I've also bought some gorgeous
chokers.  I'm really into chokers now for
some reason.
 This one specifically is what I want.
I have no idea where I'd wear this to,
maybe the mall but I really want it.  I think
I'll get one in black as well.  I also got
some of my orders in the mail.  Like my 
furry boots.
(sorry, dirty mirror ><)
I did a video about them but then I deleted
it cause I'm weird. lol  Anyways I loooove
them they're so pretty.  The fit is a bit tight 
but I have a feeling wearing them a few
times will loosen them up.  I also finally
got my eyeliners they were actually
sitting in the post office for two weeks.
><  Thank god I got them though!
I've been using the brown one 
which is why that one doesn't have
the liner in the packaging.  I can
already say.  THEY'RE AMAZING.
I will be doing a review on youtube 
hopefully.  They were so worth the
money.  I also have a few work
These aren't from work but I think
they're cute. :)
Me about to go to work, I look
so derpy.  Seriously my eyes look
crazy in these I have no idea why.
Also I'm not the hugest fan of black hair on me
anymore.  I feel like it makes me look
so boring and normal.  If I could
I'd dye my real hair white blonde.
Took this before leaving for work, yes that's 
a braid.  It's super long and I get 
a lot of stares.  But I loooove it.  The
shirt I'm wearing gave me an androgynous
look.  I'm being experimental now
with fashion.  I've never been
a super fashionable person which is
dumb since gyaru is probably the
most fashionable style you can
be apart of.  I'm going to try and
update as much as possible now that
my life is sort of getting back on track.
Coordinate posts are coming!  I promise,
my job is pretty good about allowing
us to wear pretty much whatever
we want as long as we don't look
like we're wearing pajamas.
I also created an Ameblo blog, 
another one anyways.  The first one
was a complete disaster since I couldn't
figure out how to customize it to
make it look pretty.  Now that I know how
I'll be making blog posts on there
as well.  They'll be pretty similar
to these except shorter wording.  I don't
want to abuse google translator.  If anyone
 has an ambelo don't be afraid to put the link
below, I will definitely become a reader
on your blog.
Thank you so much for reading, I've been
going through a tough time.  As usual. 
But hopefully my next posts will
be better. <3


  1. I have never heard of Romwe.I'm interested to see your haul to see what it's about.If Romwe is anything like the two pictures where you have on a gray shirt with a gold leaf,it is going to be super-cute! I also think you look really good with the long braided ponytail ♥.So glad your not sick!! :D

  2. Congrats on all the wonderful things! :) YOU ARE BLESSED!

  3. Thank you! Sometimes I don't think I realize just how blessed I am <3