Black Friday haul, thanksgiving, and new Apartment!!!!!

Hey guys :) how was your Thanksgiving?
Mine was okay, the food was great but
I didn't eat much like I normally do.
Nowadays I barely have
an appetite.  The only things I like is mountain
dew and junk food.  I also took pictures for once,
I thought the whole spread was 
perfect looking.
My sister was there too, I was bothering
her with my camera. XD She hates
taking pictures which is weird, she
has such a unique style.
Here's a gif of her I made,
I don't think I've posted this yet.
Love my sister <3
 So I'm moving soon.

Like very soon.  

I'll finally have my own
apartment...I don't think the
realization has set in yet.  I'll 
have my own place!
Well...it'll be with my sister
 but it's a two bed/bathroom
And it's mine.
I'm scared, happy, excited.
I'll be able to do what I want.
Living my own life.  I don't
think I realize what a big
step in my life I'm about to take.
All I know is I want my room
to be covered in pink, animal 
print, and hello kitty.  I also
want to make a Gyaru collage,
frame it, and put it on my wall.
My sister plans to get a stripper 
pole for the living room.
She also wants to
decorate the living room with a red 
and Marylin Monroe theme  I can't
wait to see how this whole thing
will look.
I'll record a video.
Also I bought a lot of things on
black Friday.  I got a lot more then what
I was expecting.  :) 
 Pink TV
Ordered on Amazon, I've been
wanting a pink TV since I was
little, finally have one. :) It's
for my new room, so excited.  The
brand is Sceptre.
Camo Coat
I've been wanting a new coat 
for a long time, the one I currently
wear I've had since high
school.  So I think it's definitely
time for a new one.  I got this from 
 JustFab Boots 
JustFab is having a sale so
I took advantage of that and got
these boots.  The ones I really
wanted sold out super fast.  But
these are equally cute.  I got
them for such a good deal.
Diamond Lash
Angel Eye
Diamond lash in angel eye has
been on my to buy list for a 
long time.  But I've found it
hard to get them since they're
so expensive.  Luckily an
awesome fellow Gyaru on
Facebook shared an Ebay link where
they were only 10.50.  Such 
a good deal!
 ♥Lenovo Laptop
New laptop!!!!!  Finally.
If you guys see the state of my 
old laptop you'd wonder why it's 
taken me this long to get another one.  
My current laptop can't close, the 
screen goes from blue to red, it's dirty
dusty, and I can't play online rpgs.
So annoying.  This new laptop
is worth around 700 bucks
but I got a 250.00 off coupon for 
black Friday.  I was going to settle
with this pink Dell but I'm looking
for quality over cuteness.
Ageha 01/14
This might be one of the cheapest
of my purchases but I think it's my
favorite.  I've never owned a Gyaru
magazine.  Let that sink in.  In the 
three years I've known of gyaru
I've never bought one.  I've always
just looked at online scans and literally
printed out the pages.
  But now I'll have a real
physical magazine!  So excited to 
get it!!! 
Thanks so much for reading!
Here's meh face, lol.

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