New book cover, christmas gifts, video, and other stuff!

Hey guys I have some really interesting
awesome news.  I have a book cover!
I talk about my book all the time and 
now I finally have a little progress to
show you guys. 
Here's the cover...

 My author name is Barbie Hall, 
just in case anyone is wondering.
So what do you guys think?  At 
first I wasn't sure about it but
the more I look at it the more I
love it.  It's really giving me the 
determination to finish this story.


Also I bought my sister her Christmas
gifts.  At first I wasn't going to get anyone
anything but I've been making a pretty
good amount of money so I can finally
afford buying gifts.  Here's what I
got her so far.  My sister really wanted
the pervert shirt and I know she'll love
the heeled timberland boots.  Both are
totally her style.

Hopefully she likes this stuff.
I'm not sure what I want for 
Christmas, everything I want I'll
just buy for myself eventually.  I just
want stuff for my place, maybe a
new wig (grey one).  But other then that...
I really like this shirt!
I can only imagine walking down
the street wearing this and wondering
how many people know what it means.
I also sort of want this carpet for my
room, it's a bit expensive but I think I'm
still going to get it.  It's from Japan. :)
I'm determined to make my new 
room super super super kawaii
desu lol.  But seriously, ever since I 
was little I've wanted a pretty room and
now I'll finally have the chance to get
one.  I also just bought this hello kitty 
fan from Target, it was on sale. :)
 I made a review video on
my new eyeliners, please watch!  I
love how my hair looks but the bangs
were bothering me.
You can barely see in the video but
I tried to do a big eyed style makeup.
Or real life anime kind of makeup.
It's my own interpation.  For me it's
everyday makeup though.  Really simple.  I just hate
how my camera washes it out so you
can barely see anything.  I need
a new camera.  -_-
Thanks for reading!

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